Farming with Pictures was developed in 1998. Prior to broadband and streaming being available it was distributed on VHS video.


Over a ten year period and up until 2008 Farming With Pictures delivered over one million videos to Farmers. 98% of Farmers received these videos and 89% viewed the entire 90 minutes of seasonal videos. 61% viewed material more than once (source: Nielsen 1998 – 2008).


The brand has a strong recall factor and with a high uptake of broadband in the rural sector (78% in October 2012 according to Nielsen), the internet is now the ideal distribution medium.  A DVD alternative for those farmers still without broadband will also be available.

Pat Brunton was a founding partner of Farming With Pictures.

and has spent a lifetime in agricultural marketing and as a Director of  Ad Agencies, covering finance, insurance, dairy hygiene and farming equipment, animal remedies,  artificial insemination and pasture management. He has created marketing campaigns over all mediums for many leading International and New Zealand national brands and co-operatives and State owned farming enterprises.   

Colin Gestro has focussed on brand development and product benefits for a range of agribusinesses, including the launch of Ivermectin in New Zealand plus the advertising for MSD Agvet (now Merial) for a 12 year period.
More recently he has worked with the following brands  on Farming With Pictures: Animal Health Board, BNZ Agribusiness, Merial, Telecom, Dow Agro Sciences, NRM Feeds, MAF and Pioneer Maize Silage.

Andy Tyler and his company Digital Masters bring huge video production experience to Farming with Pictures. He was the founder of The Country Channel on Sky, and as a hands on farmer himself for the past 17 years, he brings a unique understanding to the production of videos for the agricultural sector.